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Minori Izumi Russell born of parents Dawn Marie Hall and Samuel Russell has had an un-dying passion for music from a very tender age. She has been dominating local talent competitions entering from as early as age 7, singing, de-jay-ing and dancing.

 Growing up was not without its struggles as she grew up in the community of Water House a garrison in Kingston Jamaica .Exposed and experienced to both loss and violence she always used music and writing as tools to express her frustrations and bring light to all her experiences "a voice".

The now 23 years old singer grew up listening and loving all genres of music from Bob Marley to Nat King Cole and a host of other artist all of whom influenced her craft. The second of four children Minori grew up in a single parent home due to the loss of her father in 1992 and later moved to live with relatives at age 18 enabling her to complete her educational process. After graduation she continued persisting her dream, auditioning for several competitions and thou no immediate success came undeterred the then 21 years old went right into the studio recording her first single Me and You which landed her a performing contract with the Voices For Climate Change Education Group giving her the opportunity to tour the entire island while teaching through her.

She has become one of the favorites in the group. Passionate about being heard she auditioned for the 2011 Taste Talent Trail where she made it out of thousands to the finals, and a year later auditioned for the very popular Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Competition in 2013, and made it to the top 5. She has since been busy working on several projects and recently co-wrote the single "Put your Arms Around Me" feat R' n' B recording artist John Earl.

Working on her singles and a few videos, planning several of her own Live shows and making appearances; performing at some of the most prominent shows on the island of Jamaica, her recent being the Garnet Silk Memorial. The Reggae and R 'n' B singer has also had the opportunity to do work with Tuff Gong Studio's . The 24 years old Jamaican born singer’s music is a colorful fusion of reggae, Jazz and R 'n' B and her music quickly enthralls you due to the sheer power and messages behind her soulful melody. Two of her most recent projects “Never Stop Chant” and "Jah Jah" has been receiving raving reviews both locally and internationally and has landed the 24 years old Jamaican native several interviews with prominent radio station both local and abroad alike.

A winner of the Roots 96 fm radio program "What's the Verdict". Confident in her team and the work they're putting in is humbly anticipating what the following years have in store.