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Azaleh is a mixture of culture. Her life was always filled with a variety of culture and many musical influences. Azaleh grew up in New York City and wanted to enlighten others by being true to her values by being a voice of her peers and the young women in her community. The world is blessed to have her as a gift. Many describe her as "One of Many, One of The Last" or "The Royal Lioness" Azaleh became interested in a career in music, by working as the receptionist at SIR Studios in New York City. She has always had a passion for music and to have the opportunities to meet and work with some of her favorite artists was just the beginning.

It wasn't just the music it was the lyrics that would seduce her. She became a member of BMI Music in the year 2000. Azaleh has accumulated a book of lyrics with the Library of Congress titled Azaleh’s Compilations Volume I & II. There is always a message with a glaze of positivity in all of her music. She is a very strong and powerful lyricist. She is a new potent force in the world of music.

Azaleh is an artist with unique writer skills with an incredible depth. Many have called her live performances exotic and outstanding. Her sound is a new style that the music industry has to embrace. Her style is very feminine, sexy and seductive telling her story from a woman’s side of game writing about true life experiences she is destined and determined to bring her vision to life through her music and film projects. 

Azaleh has been on stage with many greats legends from Diana Ross to Prince. Azaleh was nominated by The Black Music Awards for lyricist of the year in 2008. This artist is ready for the world. Currently recording her second album 2015 is the year you will see the reason why she shares a name with a star.

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