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Introducing to the world Reggae Music’s Newest Sweetheart

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Cynthia D. Riley AKA Empress, to West Indian parents, this Reggae singer/songwriter/entertainer is not new to the reggae music industry. She has been in and around the scene for many years writing, singing, making contacts, learning, preparing and most importantly growing and developing into the artist that she is today. One beautiful melody at a time, this young singer has sung her way into the hearts and minds of her adoring fans all over the world from Canada to China to Africa and beyond. With her message of love and respect leading the way the Empress has received airplay all over the world. Writing, singing and performing since she was a child, it was clear music would always play a large role in her life. One fan said of EMPRESS “What we usually get from a lot of entertainers is only an artful disguise people put on to win the confidence of others…but you are true Reggae”.

Being raised in the concrete jungle provided so many opportunities to get into the wrong thing, but with the nurturing and encouragement of her mother Empress immersed herself in her studies, the church and her family. A well rounded artist, Empress also plays 3 instruments: the violin, the piano and the clarinet. She always stayed connected to her love of music through the church choir, the school choir, or just hanging with friends who shared her same love of music. Her journey to the stage has not been easy or short. Many people don’t realize the challenges that face artists, in particular female artists. Like most of us having to work to survive, Empress tried to stop dreaming of the stage and stick with more conventional ideals of life and work. “I always had a good job, and could just work the job and be successful…but I always felt like a caged bird. 

 The 9 – 5 thing just wasn’t me, I needed to be free to sing, to create, meet people and spread love - that’s what it’s about.” Her dream of singing was always within reach, but it wasn’t until tragedy struck, that she decided to finally take the leap of faith to bring her dream to reality. In 2007 Empress lost both her dad and her older brother both within a 3 month span. The losses devastated her but at the same time gave her the renewed ambition to follow her dreams. Hence, was born in June 2007. Through myspace and the internet she was able to make the international contacts that she needed to go to the next level.

 Most importantly, her introduction to the Musical Ambassador, Mr. Trevor Elliott, was what she needed to open the door. “He gave me the chance to prove myself by providing great music”. It was during this time she wrote and recorded her single “Hurry”.
I grew up listening to the likes of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Peter Tosh, Marcia Griffith, JC Lodge, Patra, Cynthia Schloss, Dawn Penn, Gregory Isaacs, Everton Blender, Tinga Stewart, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Lauryn Hill, just to name a few…the list could go on and on and on. Using these artists and so many more as a study guide helped her to develop her own personal style. “Reggae music on a whole brings me joy and satisfaction like no other music in the world. I would have to say Lover’s rock is my favorite style of Reggae. I love being a woman, I love being in love and I express that through my music. My dream is to create, sing and perform music that will stand the test of time and bring people together! No games, no gimmicks, no flash... just nice vibes, love and music!”

Empress has been busy writing new material and has been in the studio recording nonstop in an effort to complete her much anticipated debut album, “Like Candy”, named after another big tune in her catalog. Play after play, track after track, her fans keep returning to her Myspace. It’s absolutely amazing, considering that her album is not out and she is technically a newcomer. But in her own right, she is making a name for herself. One fan at a time, one sound at a time, one radio station at a time, Empress is proving that she is in it for the long haul. Her fans declare over and over, Empress you did it again…more sweet reggae music! She has been making the rounds on the international reggae scene through radio interviews from South Florida to Texas, to the UK, Africa, New York and so many other stations who have joined the effort to take the Empress global. She just returned from Boston where she performed at the Western Front club. She was also recently featured on a television show showcasing local artists, typically hip hop and rap artists. They selected Empress, the only female and the only Reggae singer out of 100s of audition tapes, where she performed her track “Jah People”. Her main emphasis is on completing the album and releasing the CD, finding the proper management team and continuing to expose the world to the entire package, Empress the singer, Empress the performer, and as always she will bring it straight to the people!

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The journey has begun my friends …We hope to SEE YOU THERE!