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Sweetly-Ill ( aka Shanice Grant) was born and raised in North Miami beach, FL though her parents immigrated from Kingston, Jamaica. 

She is quick to point out that her early  influence in music  especially reggae and dancehall came from her father

"I remember him having his big stereo system in the house always playing his music 24/7 having a lot CD’s and tapes, he is so passionate about it..."

In elementary school she joined chorus.  In middle school she joined a dance group. As she entered into high school she found herself  joining the band, were she played the trumpet. But her passion ever since elementary school  was writing music. 

It wasn't soon after that Sweetly-Ill was  introduced to   Wayne Ingram (also known as Raga-Z)  a Jamaican Reggae artist. He had become her mentor over the years, and they began writing songs together . 

Raga-z then introduced her to Gray Dixon ( DJ Fatta Icon at SHYRICK DANCEHALL RADIO In St Louis Mo. who promoted her first song ( featuring also Raga-Z) called “HOLD ME” 

 This is just the beginning for Sweetly-ill as she  plans to writing more songs. Guaranteed this young lady is someone to watch out for!

There is a video in the near future plans and as her brand new single "Hold Me" hits iTunes . 
On the subject of her name, when asked, her response was

" I have two sides of me there’s the sweet side and there’s the ill side...."

Her final words for all this starting out in this industry... "It’s not gonna be easy but you just got to work hard for it and believe in yourself, nobody perfect so don’t be afraid to try…. "

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