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ISHA BEL  is a performing artiste / songwriter from Kingston Jamaica working in the Reggae music industry. She was a member of  former female Group  4th Street Sista, background vocalists for a number of artistes such as Iley Dred Norris Man Warrior King Sizzla,Droop Lion, Caveman Family. She has now stepped out as a solo artiste bringing her thoughts and vision to the listening public. 

 Ishabel’s roots reality songs and spitfire performances have been seeping into the consciousness of audiences and listeners locally and internationally. King Unrulee of Unrulee Rockers Intl (Uk) dubs her lady lightning. Reggae Icons Bongo Herman and Fred Locks describes her energy and vocalizing as raw soul.

Ishabel announced her solo trek with the radio release of her song “No call the Police” produced by inna di yard/ caveman productions.DJ Jacko of Bess Fm heard the track and start playing it immediately. The song steadily became a favourite of listeners and  soon started receiving rotation on other radio stations in Jamaica. “No call the Police” won Irish and Chins 45 Sound Clash Competiton in 2013.This cemented in the mind of listeners that a new voice is on the scene

In 2011 Caveman invited her to sing harmonies on the Sizzla’s Grammy shortlisted album “ The Chant”.. A music comradery was formed. Ishabel music and roots conscious outlook blended well with the thinking and the RasTafarian productions of the label. She recorded several songs such as Only God Knows/ Domestic Problems, In my House and African Woman. Intl Reggae audiences and producers start paying attention.She recorded songs and did dubs for a number of producers in the United Kingdom and Europe ..

ISHA BEL's appearance and offstage persona belies the determined woman on a mission she is. She is like the calm eye of a hurricane until she she has a mic in her hand.Like her music,her performances are well received. Her soaring vocals reach into the soul of audiences. She performed on several shows including the Bob Marley Birthday Celebration “Trench Town Rock and Peter Tosh Tribute to thunderous applause

Like most Jamaican artistes,she was raised by  Christian parents . She and her 5 siblings attended church religiously while growing up in gritty East Kingston. She was inspired by her father now deceased to sing, he too was a singer encouraged the talent he saw in his daughter.  She performed throughout high school while holding full time jobs at companies such as the Jamaica Observer. She resigned her job to do music full time.

Ishabel is now writing and recorded tracks for her debut album working with producers such as Computer Paul,3rd Eye Records ,Alla"Chalice" Lloyd and Caveman . Several of the tracks will be her  own production. The album is slated for release late 2014 on Third Eye Records label 
For IshaBel music is more than getting on stage and singing a song. For her it is a journey into the young woman who stood quietly observing and absorbing the essence of life around her . It is her way of being the storyteller of the average person in the street . She stated her music is therapy , no bling or pie in the sky living. It is firmly grounded in what real, her take on  positivity.


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