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Born in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA, Trinkie Starr’s passion for music began from a young age having grown up in a musical home, she was introduced to many genres of music and various instruments.  She began singing in the church choir when she was twelve years old, having to get special permission from the leaders, as she was the first twelve year old to ask to be in the choir.  (Setting the trend for other girls her age to be in the choir as well).  Captivated by the guitar, Trinkie Starr’s father began giving her guitar lessons hence; her infinite love for song writing was born.  

 At age fourteen, two of her originals were put in the church hymnal and she began singing her roots based songs as a soloist in church.  In keeping with faith-based missions, as a young teen, she led various women’s bands, and pre-teen youth bands.  It was then she wrote “like a Child” and her Spanish/English single that would be sung in various churches across America, “You’re all I’m Living For”.  Trinkie Starr’s gift and versatility soon became apparent as she participated in, and had leading roles in theatrical productions as well as participation in bands from every genre; Roots/Reggae, Rock, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Country, Inspirational Praise and Worship, Contemporary, Rap, Spanish, Disco and oldies.   

Trinkie’s “for such a time as this period”, began in 2008 when through her dear friend, she took her first trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and was in the studio with “Charlie Brown” where she recorded a remix of her “Take Our Time” single which was previously recorded on an R&B rhythm at Broken Toy Records, with her long time friend Charles D III, but it would be in sweet Jamaica that she would find her heart and an increase of musical creativity and rejuvenation. 

Taking more trips to Jamaica in 2009, Trinkie spent her time writing and producing her own lyric and melodies, and created her entertainment company; TRINKSTAR ENTERPRISES. 

Wonderful” (Grand Funk), “Respect” (Aretha Franklin), and many others.2010 brought CP Pedro of Spanish Town Jamaica into Trinkie’s musical life.  Particularly liking her song “Joy Comes In The Morning”, he sent her one of his rhythms (riddims) that would later be transformed into a masterpiece that Trinkie named “I’m Free”.  Her lyrical composition and presentation, together with CP’s has touched people’s hearts all around the globe.  During this time, she drew the attention of “The Sprints Oldies Show and DanceBand” and was immediately drafted as their front singer, performing some of the greatest hits ever released on American soil, such as “Do You Love Me” (The Contours), “Shout” (Isley Brothers), “Heatwave” (Linda Ronstadt),  “I’m Your Puppet” (James & Bobby Purify), “Mony-Mony” (Tommy James and The Shondells),  “La Bamba” (Richie Valens)......

She then wrote “jumpin On Clouds” and “Island Love” – Other collaborative works with young producer, Mateo Edwards, (Mateo Beatz) mixed by the incredible Bill Palmer.  She was then blessed to write and voice on one of Jah Screw’s house mix tune that she named “Come On and Dance with me”.  Some of the Collaborative works include the smash hit “FIRE” (FYAH) with the talented Alliance (ANG) artist Patexx, on Jammy James (Jam 2) “Action Riddim”, “Love You Forever” with the singing sensation Meekie Melody on Pink Panther’s “Silent Hill Riddim”, and “Color of Love” on Mister Kali & B-Dubs “Brighter Smile Riddim” a Dread I Arts and Ceremony Studios production.  She also had the unique opportunity to be the Spanish voice on “The Volcano Trumpet”, Qshan Deya’s conscious hit song “Start Today”.  The summer of 2012 brought Trinkie Starr and Mister Kali, together yet again to record the hit “Summertime Anthem”.    

 In late 2012, Trinkie had the opportunity to be in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and record with big talent artist Echo T of Busweh Productions, master engineer/artist Oriel, and Caiman Studios – to have collaborative reggae/dancehall releases coming soon in 2013.  The popular song “Take You There” (released in March of 2013), and soon to release collab with Trinkie Starr and “Oriel” entitled “Gimme di Winne” is sure to “mash” up the place. - Also her acoustic song “You Bring Me Joy” to be released in early 2015. 

Trinkie Starr’s Island Love tour 2013 took her to sweet Jamaica where Dancehall Zone and Bad People Entertainment invited her to perform for the event XXXTACY, in Portmore Jamaica.  She also visited her beloved “SUNCITY RADIO” family and re-recorded her previously recorded “Dance With Me” as a re-mix at the Sun City Studios, deciding to do a re-mix was a must after she performed it at “Artist Wednesday’s” (at H’2, sponsored by Kamau JaJa), and the tune kept getting “pullup” (played again and again).  As a result, the remix entitled “Dance With Me” (Jamaican Yaadie) came into existence.  

Trinkie Starr was blessed to perform at “Jungle Fire” sponsored by Suncity Radio & Izrel Di Cotton Pikka, and it was a good look with major forwards.  Trinkie also had the rare opportunity to sing her acapella “Birthday Song” for Phillip Fraser at his Earthstrong Party.  Then the road took her to Kingston Jamaica, where she collaborated with her longtime “Breddren”  Rseenal D Artillary at Iyah Gift’s “One Heart” studio with Makonnen Blake-Hanna at the engineering controls, the musical chemistry and positivity was no less than incredible and the new universal hit “Hush Mama” was created, as well as the “Hush Mama” video, newly released.

As well as “Hush Mama”, Trinkie Starr’s new works include “Yaad Wine” a Jan Bigs Production, “Bless You Up” on Firewayne of Echo 1 Productions, “World Love Riddim”.   With Trinkie also currently working on her acoustic, LP album of psalms and songs of love, she continues to blaze her creativity.

Trinkie Starr’s electrifying voice, intensifying beauty, and gentle humility, have brought her international attention that has her music playing on local and international radio stations across the world, such as Bess FM Kingston Jamaica, 104.9 Suncity Radio Portmore Jamaica, Krushyaad Radio Jamaica, Fame 95 Jamaica, Zip Fm Jamaica, Hot 102 Barbados, Irie FM Jamaica, 107.5 FM New York, 96.3 FM Boston, Madvibezradio Montreal Canada, Reggaewave England, Blue 102.9 Santa Fe New Mexico, Energy 106 Winnipeg Canada, Flow 93.5 FM, Padare Radio Zimbabwe, Afrozim Radio Africa, 933 The Beat Jamz Florida, DestineMedia England Reggae4us England, Vybezrus radio England, 88.1 WPEB Philadelphia, Shyrick Dancehall Radio St. Louis, Globallinkz Radio, and many many more.