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Rasstar is an up and coming independent reggae artist from Jamaica. He has recently completed his first music video for the lead single “Progress” from his upcoming debut album “Eyes Never Lie.”

Rasstar is preparing to return to the studio to record, mix, and master his album. He has experienced a recent outpouring of interest in his single via social media and Internet radio. There is great interest and enthusiasm to see this young new artist perform in the flesh.  His next single, which is already highly anticipated, is the title track for this album “Eyes Never Lie.” 


Born Kemar Livingston Haugton on March 27, 1986; Rasstar grew up in Hayes, Clarendon, Raymonds district in Jamaica where he attended Hayes All-Age Junior High.  He is the second of four children and began working at a young age to help support the family. Jobs included construction, street sales, and working in a restaurant kitchen as an assistant chef.

In his younger youth, Rasstar developed a reputation as a street dancer by the name of “Parachute”.  He did not consider music until his late teens while working as a juice salesman.  He developed a habit of singing to pass the time at work, which was noticed by customers, most memorably “I walk from car to car to  sell one juice, then I go bus to bus to sell a next juice”.  He did not consider performing professionally until his talent was noticed more and more by the public.

At age 17, Rasstar decided to move to Kingston to pursue more economic opportunities along with his family.  He continued to work to support the family while considering a career in music. During that time he became introduced to the professional music scene in Kingston along with music producers and started to consider professional recording.

With more professional exposure, he recorded his first demo “Give Me Some Loving” in late 2001 and began to seriously consider music as a career. Through that recording, Rasstar continued to gain more public recognition and appreciation for his musical talent. He began to hone his skills as a songwriter and musician and continued to record as an independent artist. The name Rasstar came from his best friend Al who gave him the moniker due to his twisted hair and beginnings of his journey as a Rastafarian. At the same time, he was introduced to an up and coming producer Shelonda who also guided him through the process of creating songs with various beats.

That same producer gave Rasstar the beat (riddim) for his debut single “Progress” which was recorded in 2008.  Inspired by the theme of the song, Rasstar worked with a young engineer to perfect his single.  In the meantime, he began to perform at various charity shows from 2010-12 to develop his stage presence. The shows were in Kingston, Montego Bay, St. Mary, and his hometown of Clarendon. 

His most popular performance was at Village CafĂ© where he was on the same billing as famed artists Twin of Twins who expressed their appreciation of his talent and invited him to perform with them at a later show at the then Wyndam hotel. In 2012, Rasstar met Andrew Blacks a professional studio engineer who mixed the single and finalized the record.   Over time, “Progress” began to gain more popularity with fans and Rasstar promoted it via YouTube where he gained a consistent fan following.  He was encouraged by his fans to continue recording and build on his success.

Currently, Rasstar is working to complete his debut album “Eyes Never Lie”.  He lives in Kingston, Jamaica and to makes and sells his own natural and organic juices. In his spare time, Rasstar enjoys solitude and meditation to inspire his creative process.  He continues to write songs and finds that his creativity flows best when he is near the river. He also enjoys cooking for friends, fishing, cricket, and soccer (football) as favorite pastimes.

Rasstar is ready to take the world by storm. 

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