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If Lover’s Rock is your groove, you are going to like the artist we have lined up for you today!  Her name is Marcia J. Ball

IF you’re looking at her photo thinking, “I know that face from somewhere”, it’s because you do!  Marcia has been performing since the age of 6, but that’s not why you know her!  Marcia has been on stage with The Israelites, Pat Kelly, Cornell Campbell, Marcia Griffiths and more and has toured extensively with several more!

Today, Marcia has dropped by with her brand new solo project called “Hello World” which is 12 tracks of solid Lover’s Rock grooves.  The album was produced by Rhythmax Records based in South Florida.

One of the lead singles from the album is called “Beautiful Flowers” and is a song that speaks for the emotions of ladies when they find that special someone whom they want to give their heart eternally!  Marcia sings:  “when you love someone as sweet as me / I’ll give my heart eternally / it’s not every day you find true love / cause you’re the one / the one for me / if this feeling that we share / can be nurtured year after year / like beautiful flowers ….”

L-O-V-E-R-S … R-O-C-K!
The lyrics are built as a sweet Reggae Rock. The style can be mixed with Beres Hammond, Marci Griffiths, Alton Ellis and Bitty McClean.

You can see more of Marcia J. Ball on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, CDBaby, I-Tunes and